iuvo Microconduit Array Platform

Innovative plates enabling high-content, functional cell based assays.


iuvo landing pageThe Microchannel 5250 and Chemotaxis Assay Plates are now being distributed exclusively by Thermo Fisher – more information.


iuvo Microconduit Arrays enable the use of highly miniaturized, advanced cell models and functional assays with automated liquid handling and HCA platforms, with the goal of more accurate replication of in vivo processes in drug discovery. Instead of the "buckets" of various sizes used for cell culture in multiwell plates, iuvo plates have cell culture compartments with geometries designed specifically to support the biology and/or functions of interest.


iuvo plates comply with SBS standards, and the liquid in the microchannels can be displaced with passive pumping as often as necessary using standard automated liquid dispensing equipment. No specialized instrumentation is required to carry out assays or acquire the data. Three dimensional cell culture becomes easy to carry out, and the entire compartment is accessible to microscope-based HCA instruments as well as plate scanners. The microchannel environment reduces dilution of secreted signaling molecules, and the media can be sampled for analysis of secreted factors.  

passive pumpingiuvo Passive Pumping Technology

Surface tension leads to pressure inside drops. All things equal, the pressure is higher inside smaller drops (~1/r). When two drops are connected by a channel, the pressure is equilibriated by flow. The smaller drop flows into the channel, replacing the channel contents.